So Sensitive, Get over it

Its finally Friday!!!! 

Last night we went to the Mets game.  We left early which my boyfriend hates.  They were losing alot but they came back to tied the game.  In the end they lost.  He is all pissed off.

Well after we got home he was watching the game and I was on the computer.  I don’t remember the reason why but I threw  a little tube of neosporin at him. You know how small those tubes are.  Well he got pissed and said ” you could of poked my eye out”.  I was like, are you serious, I hit you on the chest.  I did not throw it at him to be malicious.  Guys are so sensitive.  Get over it!!!!

He is still mad at me this morning.  Whatever it will pass.  I’m going to my sister’s tonight to watch my nephew tomorrow.  They are going to a wedding tomorrow morning.  So I will be watching a 1 yr old tomorrow… fun.



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A New Neighbor !!!

I am at work now having my lunch.  We order Chipotle!!! Still full from breakfast which I never have.  I had a Grande skim almond latte and a bagel with cream cheese.  Argg so full

So last week I was talking to my co-worker in the kitchen.  He says hey guess what; me and my wife are moving to Forest Hills. I was like great where in Forest Hills.  Turns out he is moving into my buliding.  Not just my building, but literally the apartment next door to my apartment.  I know some might think that its cool, but I don’t think its cool.  I think its going to be weird.  I don’t want to see him in the hallway when I throw out my trash in my PJs!   

Most people in my office live in Manhatten.  Of all the places to live in NYC he has to move in the apt next to mine.  Well hopefully I will be moving soon.  Whenever that may be.  Its been about a week know since I found out. So I am not as shocked as I was. 

Well I should get back to work.  I guess that is all for now…….

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My First Blog!

Hi there,

Well I decided to start a blog.  I thought it would be fun….  

I currently live in Forest Hills with my boyfriend.  I lived in FoHi for about two years.  We are purchasing a 1 br coop in the area and its been a long process.  Well that is what I think anyway.  People say it takes time.  I just want to move in and start painting and buying stuff for the apt. 

I think its taking extra long because it’s a sponsored apt and they don’t give a damn….. I don’t know I guess I just have to be patient.  We have to wait for them to finish renovating before the bank can set a closing date. 

Well tomorrow is another day.  We will see if we hear anything.  I hope we close before the end of the month but I doubt it…..

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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