So Sensitive, Get over it

Its finally Friday!!!! 

Last night we went to the Mets game.  We left early which my boyfriend hates.  They were losing alot but they came back to tied the game.  In the end they lost.  He is all pissed off.

Well after we got home he was watching the game and I was on the computer.  I don’t remember the reason why but I threw  a little tube of neosporin at him. You know how small those tubes are.  Well he got pissed and said ” you could of poked my eye out”.  I was like, are you serious, I hit you on the chest.  I did not throw it at him to be malicious.  Guys are so sensitive.  Get over it!!!!

He is still mad at me this morning.  Whatever it will pass.  I’m going to my sister’s tonight to watch my nephew tomorrow.  They are going to a wedding tomorrow morning.  So I will be watching a 1 yr old tomorrow… fun.



August 24, 2007. Forest hills, queens.

One Comment

  1. Joe replied:

    why waste a ticket if you are gonna nag him to leave? Didn’t your mother ever tell you “Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye!”

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