I’m back…..

Hey, sorry I been away so long.  So much as happened since I last blogged.  We finally moved in to our coop apartment in Oct.  We are settled in now and everything is finally done.  I’m so happy that we do not have to go shopping for apartment stuff every weekend.  It was fun at first and then it got annoying.  Its done know so I am happy. 

Its so different now from a studio apt to a 1 br.  Right now I am on the computer in the bedroom and Sam is in the living room playing PS3.  There is so much more room now.  We can now have people over and not feel like everyone is on top of each other.  We really have not had a big party yet.  We just have couple of people over at a time. 

So tomorrow is Valentine’s day.  We really don’t make a big deal about it.  We were not even going to go out to dinner.  But we decide we should go for the hell of it.  So I decided we should go somewhere local.  We might go to Narita on Austin street.  I never been and wanted to go.  I love Sushi.  I know I heard about the mercury level in fish. But come on its not like I am eating a huge amount and everyday.  I feel like everyday we hear a new report stating another thing is bad for you . Well, back to tomorrow.  I called Narita  today to make a reservation but they told me that they were not taking any reservation.  First come first serve.  I will report back after I go.      


February 13, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. sammynyc replied:

    just checking in. cool.

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